Unique wall décor ideas for your attractive wall

wall decor ideas from cocovey homes

Accent walls are gaining popularity among the décor ideas. A uniquely painted wall adds a lot

more than what you can imagine to your space. If you are thinking about what to put on that wall, below are a few fun and interesting ideas to consider before you go all out with your creativity.


Wood is good

Wooden furnishing has been trending for quite a while now. So, why not put it to good use

while decorating that wall. Create different patterns with the wood, or paint them in various

colors, polish them or keep it rough, decorate it the way it pleases your eyes. It inevitably catches all attention.

wood is far better than plastic which also harms nature.


Go abstract

Yes, abstract is the new theme this season. Painting your accent wall in abstract or in ambiguous designs creates an impact of art with depth. You can play with colors and create illusions with background and foreground effects. Let your imagination come to reality.


Geometric patterns

The geometric patterns add a crisp, vibrant touch to your wall. You can select from wide range

of patterns and even can create your own designs, there are no rules to this. Coordinate the

color of the pattern with the paint on other walls, to create symmetry. art is there where your heart is so,

add a calm look to your home by adding decorations.


Shelve it

If you thought only putting paints or patterns can be your way to decorate your accent

wall, think again. Putting up shelves on your accent wall is a unique and smart idea of

decoration as well as managing your storage all at once. Go smart and think different.


While these are few ideas for your wall decoration, this list above is not the end. Be creative and break the stereotypes of design and décor with your imagination and make your interiors appealing to all.