Installing Walkway Lights To Decorate Your Home- An Overview

instaslling walkaway light to decorate your home

A well-lit walkway is both important and welcoming for a home, offering illumination, which extends hospitality to the visitors and then makes walking to the garden really secure. Although high illumination is not that required, therefore downlights can also prevent glare. Besides, in some cases, individually lit pavers are also used to light pathways.

Landscape designers always consider walkway lighting as one of the most important things to consider while it comes to lighting outdoor areas. Even if you are on a tight budget, you must not like to keep the outdoor area of your home dark. Actually, by installing walkway lights, you can actually walk through the landscape safely at night. Besides, this is also necessary for wayfinding at night. A proper walkway light can guide people along the walkways of your garden.

But while it comes to lighting the walkway directly, it is advisable to stagger the lighting from one side to another. This will make the flow of light constant as well as will also maintain a sense of balance. But this doesn’t mean that the walkway lighting should always be right along the edge of the walkway. In most of the cases, the landscapers combine walkway lights with some ambient lighting to offer depth.

Here are some considerations to follow while it comes to installing walkway lights:

  1. Never place lights really close together. Otherwise, it will create a runway effect
  2. Never place lights, which create glare or shine up into the eyes of the visitors
  3. Never use too bright lights. Remember subtlety is the main thing you need to count on in case of the walkway lighting


Different options of walkway lighting:


Walkway lighting fixtures can be installed in a range of options. The most popular one is to install lights lining the walkway. Another option is to install paver or recessed lights installed in the edges of walkway paving. Apart from that, you can also choose to install lantern topped pillars, bollards and piers to light up the walkway. The walkway lights are mainly available in LED. Besides, these lightings are also available in various styles like posts, lamps or lanterns.