Decorating Homes With Wall Panels- A Guide


Wall panels are an easy way to add variety to any interior space while improving the look and feel of the space. These panels are available in a range of styles and thicknesses. Some of the popular choices of wall panels include frame and panel designs with or without molding, rustic boards and elaborately raised panels. So, homeowners can choose the right types of panels depending on their preferences. For example, you can choose to cover the entire wall or can opt for should or waist-high wainscoting. But regardless of the types, installing the wall panels is really easy in case you follow the right steps.


How to install the wall panels properly?


  1. Get the necessary tools for this job
  2. Then measure and prepare the panels. To get a vertical tongue-and-groove classic look, decide how far up the wall you like the paneling to go. Rather than directly fixing the panels to the wall, you can screw those into wooden battens, which are horizontally attached to the wall, which are spaced around 60cm apart. In case you are planning to split the battens, then drill pilot holes in those before fixing. Never drill into the wall until you find it safe. Take the help of a spirit level to be sure that battens are straight, while you fix those. Then countersink the batten screws so that fixing the panels doesn’t become tricky.
  3. Next, select the ways to fix the panels to the wall. Metal clips are the only thing that you will need in this case. These fit into the groove and leave a small tongue through which you can bang the pins on the wall. Secret nailing is another method that includes driving the panel pins at any angle through the tongue.
  4. After that, disguise the ends by gluing and nailing a piece of wooden beading along the top after fixing all the panels. Finish the decoration off by fixing a new skating board to the bottom part of the panel.
  5. Next thing you need to do is to paint the paneling to complete the decoration.